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Corporate landlords include exclusionary language in rental housing listings

A new study of online rental housing advertisements in Charlotte found that corporate landlords are more likely to include potentially exclusionary language in their listings, and those listings...

Building some 'there' there: Transforming University City

One of Charlotte's quintessential suburban communities has big plans to transform itself into a dense, walkable, mixed-use center.

Charlotte’s new mobility plan: ambitious goals, tons of data

A far-reaching new plan could shape Charlotte’s transportation infrastructure for decades to come, reorienting a car-dependent, sprawling Southern city towards a denser, transit-oriented, bike-...

Why uptown and University City want to grow more like each other

As COVID-19 fades from the front pages but normalcy still hovers out of reach, Charlotte’s two biggest employment centers want to resemble each other a bit more in the decades to come.

A more equitable approach to neighborhood traffic safety in Charlotte

Update: On June 13, Charlotte City Council approved changes to eliminate the petition process for traffic-calming requests)