Ely Portillo

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Building some 'there' there: Transforming University City

One of Charlotte's quintessential suburban communities has big plans to transform itself into a dense, walkable, mixed-use center.

Charlotte’s new mobility plan: ambitious goals, tons of data

A far-reaching new plan could shape Charlotte’s transportation infrastructure for decades to come, reorienting a car-dependent, sprawling Southern city towards a denser, transit-oriented, bike-...

Why uptown and University City want to grow more like each other

As COVID-19 fades from the front pages but normalcy still hovers out of reach, Charlotte’s two biggest employment centers want to resemble each other a bit more in the decades to come.

A more equitable approach to neighborhood traffic safety in Charlotte

Update: On June 13, Charlotte City Council approved changes to eliminate the petition process for traffic-calming requests)

Charlotte considers replacing some low-ridership buses with on-demand service

As Charlotte’s transit system struggles to attract bus riders back post-COVID, officials are considering adding more on-demand options and replacing some low-ridership, fixed-schedule routes with...