Ely Portillo

Ely Portillo
UNC Charlotte Urban Institute
Assistant Director of Outreach & Strategic Partnerships
Sycamore 310-G

Stories by Ely Portillo

Are bus-only lanes a key part of Charlotte’s transit future?

This story is part of the Transit Time newsletter, a partnership between the Urban Institute, the Charlotte Ledger and WFAE.

Charlotte’s nowhere near the finish line for its development rules rewrite

With straw votes on the controversial elements and the final adoption of Charlotte’s new vision plan looming in the next month, there’s a sense that the city’s reaching a finale in the years-long...

Instead of just increasing supply, planners look to manage transportation demand

When it comes to transportation and transit needs, people usually think of increasing the supply: Adding more lanes, building more rail lines, buying more buses.

Single-family zoning is still the crux of Charlotte’s 2040 plan debate

In the months since opposition to Charlotte’s new 2040 Comprehensive Vision Plan ...

Advisory board suggests sharp increase for Meck parks funding

As Mecklenburg County hammers out its budget priorities for the coming year, advocates for the park and recreation system are hoping to see a big funding increase.