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City Walks wraps up a successful in-person return after two-year hiatus

For two years, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Charlotte City Walks from hosting in-person w

Charlotte considers changes to tree, height, parking rules

At a work session about the city’s new unified development ordinance this week, Charlotte City Council members repeated several phrases so often they sounded like mantras: Middle ground, finding a...

Urban Institute adds staff to deepen our understanding of the Charlotte region

As the Charlotte region confronts the challenges and opportunities facing our growing region, the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute is welcoming new staff members to help engage with the community,...

Listen: What's next for Charlotte transit?

When WFAE, The Charlotte Ledger and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute launched a joint newsletter last year to cover transit and transportation, we...

Searching for solutions for Charlotte’s affordable housing crisis

With rents and home prices shooting up to record levels, it’s not news that finding a place to live in Charlotte is getting more expensive.