Ely Portillo

Ely Portillo
UNC Charlotte Urban Institute
Assistant Director of Outreach & Strategic Partnerships
Sycamore 310-G

Stories by Ely Portillo

Technology, sensors and AI in design

Imagine this scenario: Building designers are trying to figure out why pedestrian traffic at one spot in an airport terminal past the security checkpoints is consistently snarled. 

As projected construction costs surge, state road money dries up

New projections from North Carolina’s Department of Transportation show the state is $12 billion short on funding its next slate of transportation projects — nearly double the gap reported earlier...

Charlotte wants more walkability. Fast-food companies want more drive-thru-only restaurants. Can they coexist?

Nowhere in Charlotte embodies the city’s awkward and aspirational transition from car-centric Sun Belt suburbia to denser, walkable urbanism quite like a pair of fried chicken restaurants in...

The price tag for building a better bus system in Charlotte

When it comes to public transit in Charlotte, trains get the spotlight while buses carry the majority of passengers.

You have a voice in mapping Charlotte's future

When it comes to planning, development and land use regulation, it's easy to let your eyes glaze over in the alphabet soup of jargo.