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Local leaders are worried about corporate landlords, but find their ‘hands tied’

Wall Street-backed companies are buying thousands of single-family homes and turning them into rentals across the Charlotte region.

Charlotte planning for growth around Silver Line stations

Charlotte’s $13.5 billion transit and transportation plans might be on hold, but plans for how to build the signature Silver Line light rail are still pushing ahead. 

Explore local housing data with new interactive maps

We often paint Charlotte’s housing market in broad strokes: rising prices, bidding wars and gentrification reshaping neighborhoods.

Is Charlotte ready for car-free apartments?

How do you make a sprawling city that came of age in the automobile era less car-dependent?

One approach: Don't devote so much space to cars. 

Charlotte will ask voters for millions to fund transportation upgrades, but bonds won’t cover all needs

Charlotte is planning to ask voters this year to approve more than $100 million worth of new transportation bonds — an amount that would allow the city to make progress on goals like building more...