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When it comes to transit, everyone wants ‘regionalism.’ But no one’s quite sure how to get there.

There’s consensus in the new crop of local transportation plans: Whether we’re talking about trains, buses or roads, we’ll have to cross county borders and state lines to fund and operate an...

More drive-thrus near the light rail? City decisions worry advocates

Charlotte City Council on Tuesday approved two auto-centric developments in transit-oriented zones along the Blue Line light rail, a move some advocates fear will set a bad precedent as the city...

Finally, biking in uptown without fear

Pedaling through uptown last week alongside cars and pedestrians, I felt something that I’ve rarely felt before on city streets: Relaxed. 

An ‘economic halo’ for rural churches in North Carolina

In small towns across North Carolina, churches function as more than places of fellowship and gathering for people — they’re also de facto economic engines.