Ruth Ann Grissom


Ruth Ann Grissom grew up on a farm in Montgomery County and earned degrees in journalism and social work at UNC Chapel Hill. She divides her time between Charlotte and the Uwharries.

Stories by Ruth Ann Grissom

Niche habitats in the uplands

Hiking the ridgelines and hillsides of the Uwharries, you pass through forests dominated by hickory, oak and sourwood. On occasion, an attentive and adventurous outdoor enthusiast might also run...

He stood up for that mountain

Stand Up That Mountain recounts how Jay Erskine Leutze fought for the Appalachian Trail and for the people of the North Carolina mountains – and won.

Seeing American history through its trees

Tea has been synonymous with political protest ever since colonists dumped shiploads of the stuff into Boston Harbor in an act of rebellion. In historian Eric Rutkow’s recent book, American Canopy:...

Restoring habitats: Start with a baseline inventory

Several years ago, when we were planning to change the way we manage some of our land, I happened to meet Bob Askins, a biology professor at Connecticut College and author of Restoring North America’...

The abundant diversity of the hardwood forest

At first glance, Eastern hardwood forests seem a homogenous block of green, but if you train your eye and look closer, you’ll notice subtle differences. Two of my favorite trails in the...