Ruth Ann Grissom


Ruth Ann Grissom grew up on a farm in Montgomery County and earned degrees in journalism and social work at UNC Chapel Hill. She divides her time between Charlotte and the Uwharries.

Stories by Ruth Ann Grissom

Rattlesnakes can lower your taxes: The Wildlife Conservation Land Program

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.” Given the sticker shock many of us received when we opened our property revaluation notices, I imagine...

Get revenge on weeds: Eat them

Our yard in the Uwharries always looks especially mangy in early spring. The fescue gets lost in a flush of winter annuals like chickweed, buttercups and henbit. Since weeds are a fact of life in my...

Wintering in the Piedmont

Many birds lead lifestyles of the rich and famous – they “summer” in one location and “winter” in another.  Find out more about our winter visitors and add to the...

Save local forests: Use local firewood

Cutting your own firewood not only can help with the heating bill; it can stop the spread of invasive insects that travel long distances on firewood shipped in from other states.

The curious link between alpha-gal allergy and deer season

Say you wake up in the middle of the night with a few hives on your arms.  You might take some Benadryl and go back to sleep.  Another night, you wake up with hives covering your body. You...