Ruth Ann Grissom


Ruth Ann Grissom grew up on a farm in Montgomery County and earned degrees in journalism and social work at UNC Chapel Hill. She divides her time between Charlotte and the Uwharries.

Stories by Ruth Ann Grissom

How to Appreciate a Brown-Eyed Susan

I wasn’t especially fond of brown-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia triloba).

Greater funding could improve access to our public lands

“The public wants access to the land it already owns,” observed Jay Leutze, conservationist and author of...

They have a scary name, but ‘cicada killers’ are harmless helpers

With fewer cars on the road and airplanes in the sky, I’ve enjoyed the sounds of summer even more, namely the chorus of cicadas in my leafy neighborhood. The male’s love song is loud and urgent –...

How to help fireflies — and save a bit of summer magic

A bobwhite quail calling from the edge of a stubbled hayfield. Honeybees buzzing in every patch of clover.  Fireflies hovering just beyond reach as dusk gives way to night. These are the images that...

Growing peas and finding peace in the Piedmont

The English peas are finished. Given the long spell of mild weather we’ve enjoyed this year, I’d hoped this cool-weather crop might last a bit longer. Alas, they still flamed out in a matter of weeks...