How to find information on your neighborhood
   January 9, 2013

The new Charlotte-Mecklenburg Quality of Life Dashboard gives information on a variety of neighborhood conditions, providing some of the most extensive neighborhood-level information available in the United States. Read more

Mecklenburg charter schools: Maps, data and more
   December 11, 2012

Charter school students make up less than 6 percent of Mecklenburg’s public school student population. However, the county leads the state in the number of students attending charter schools. Interactive maps show where schools are and how they compare to each other. Read more

How’s drive time? Mapping Meck commutes
   November 7, 2012

Commuting stories – we’ve all got one.  How does your commute time stack up to your fellow Mecklenburg resident?  Check out our maps, using 2010 U.S. Census data to break down average commute times. Read more

How Charlotte area school districts scored on the SAT
   September 26, 2012

Keith Waters
These maps show a breakdown of the SAT scores for school districts in the Charlotte region. Read more

Home values in region: Clusters of highs, lows
   August 8, 2012

How much are homes in your neighborhood worth? The era of upside-down mortgages and foreclosures has left homeowners across the country anxious about home values – theirs and their neighbors'. In the midst of this housing market upheaval, explosive growth in the Charlotte region has reshaped residential patterns. Read more

Charlotte region: Getting older, growing younger
   June 11, 2012

The nation as a whole is getting older, but variations in population growth and immigration can create big differences in the median age from place to place. The Charlotte region is no exception. While Mecklenburg's median age has risen only marginally, some neighboring counties are getting noticeably older. Read more

Charlotte region: Understanding the new diversity
   June 4, 2012

The rise in the number of Hispanic, Asian and multiracial residents has been the biggest change in population diversity in the Charlotte region for more than a decade. A series of new maps and charts from the institute's researchers highlights the differences among the urban, suburban and rural communities from 2000 to 2011.  Read more

The USDA food atlas
   May 24, 2012


This interactive map of the U.S. displays data on food availability, local foods, health and socioeconomic statistics.  Data are displayed at the state or county level, depending on availability.

Read more

The decline (and rise?) of Carolina manufacturing
   May 22, 2012

Keith Waters
After decades of decline, manufacturing jobs across the country have seen a modest uptick. This long period of industry restructuring has left a strikingly different geography of manufacturing in the Carolinas; we still make furniture and textiles, but that’s not the whole story anymore. Read more

Carolinas growth update: urban changes, rural losses
   April 18, 2012

Where are urban regions growing – in their cores or suburbs? What is happening in rural areas? New population figures have fostered speculation about what growth in urban regions will be like in the future.  For rural parts of the Carolinas, the issue isn’t about growth at all, but widespread decline in population. Read more