Metro changes affect Charlotte and regions across the country
   May 2, 2013

Changes to how metropolitan areas are defined added nearly a half-million people to Charlotte’s MSA, making it the 23rd most populous in the country. How did the changes affect Charlotte's peer metro areas such as Atlanta (pictured)? (Photo: dbking, used under CC-BY-2.0) Read more

Explore CMS data at the school level
   April 18, 2013

The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute has partnered with MeckEd to provide a series of interactive maps that allow the public to do their own exploration of CMS schools. Those maps have now been combined into a new interface that creates an integrated school data resource.  (Graphic: Zach Szczepaniak) Read more

Boundary change boosts Charlotte metro population
   March 28, 2013

In January, the Charlotte metro area population was 1.8 million people. In February, the metro area population was 2.3 million. Where did the half-million people come from? New boundaries were drawn for metropolitan statistical areas. (Photo: Downtown Chester, S.C., in Chester County, which was added to the Charlotte MSA. / Nancy Pierce) Read more

Charlotte metro: Still high-growth, still strong at core
   March 20, 2013

Of metro areas with more than 1 million people, Charlotte ranked ninth nationally in population growth from 2011 to 2012. That growth was strongest at the center of the metro area, in Mecklenburg County, which outpaced the suburban counties in the region for the second year. (Image: Bing maps) Read more

CMS proficiency: Maps and trends
   January 29, 2013

Maps of student scores reveal patterns of high achievement in northern and southern parts of Mecklenburg County and a more complex mix of high and low scoring schools within Charlotte. (Photo: Nancy Pierce) Read more

Mapping CMS high school data
   January 15, 2013

How well do you understand the differences between high schools in CMS? After years of rapid growth and changing demographics in Mecklenburg County, it may be time to update your perspective. Read more

How to find information on your neighborhood
   January 9, 2013

The new Charlotte-Mecklenburg Quality of Life Dashboard gives information on a variety of neighborhood conditions, providing some of the most extensive neighborhood-level information available in the United States. Read more

Mecklenburg charter schools: Maps, data and more
   December 11, 2012

Charter school students make up less than 6 percent of Mecklenburg’s public school student population. However, the county leads the state in the number of students attending charter schools. Interactive maps show where schools are and how they compare to each other. Read more

How’s drive time? Mapping Meck commutes
   November 7, 2012

Commuting stories – we’ve all got one.  How does your commute time stack up to your fellow Mecklenburg resident?  Check out our maps, using 2010 U.S. Census data to break down average commute times. Read more

How Charlotte area school districts scored on the SAT
   September 26, 2012

Keith Waters
These maps show a breakdown of the SAT scores for school districts in the Charlotte region. Read more