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Working Women and the Great Recession- Second Quarterly Report
   January 27, 2012

This report examines how men and women in Mecklenburg County fared during the Great Recession. It examines the overall features of the labor market and analyze some of the residual impacts the recession had on families. The goal of this report is to understand the local conditions for women and men during the recession and how these local conditions compared to those at the national level. Read more

When cities, counties merge: Lessons for Charlotte?
   January 19, 2012

When it comes to city-county consolidation, citizens should know that nothing is guaranteed. And some of the commonly held beliefs about consolidation may not, in fact, be accurate. One prime example: Despite fears in Mecklenburg's towns, in many recent city-county consolidations the smaller municipalities in a county weren't part of the merged body. Read more

Comparing two workforce reports
   October 4, 2011

Mark Sivy

A Comparison of Findings and Recommendations of Two Reports:

“Preparing Our Youth for Work: A Community Assessment”,
August 2010
UNC Charlotte Urban Institute


“Workforce Development Sector Analysis: Focusing on Workforce Development for Adults with Barriers to Employment in...

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United Way of Central Carolinas Releases Needs Assessment Full Report
   June 23, 2011

Just over a year ago, the United Way of Central Carolinas (UWCC) partnered with the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute to conduct a region-wide community needs assessment.  The Executive Summary of the report for this study was released online and at community meetings several weeks ago, and now the full report  is available for review. Read more

United Way of Central Carolinas Needs Assessment 2011 - Full Report
   June 23, 2011

Hannah Guerrier

In June 2010, United Way of Central Carolinas commissioned the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute to conduct a comprehensive community needs assessment for its five-county service area.  The primary purpose of the study was to pinpoint the community’s greatest needs and identify gaps in the current array of human services. This study is one of several endeavors UWCC is pursuing as part of a broader...

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Geographers, doctors and community members
   April 15, 2011

Heather Smith
In 2005 and 2006 researchers from the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute partnered with the Latin American Coalition, our region’s largest Latino outreach and advocacy organization, to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of Mecklenburg County’s rapidly growing and transitioning Latino population. Read more

City-county consolidation: promises made, promises kept?
   January 6, 2011

Kurt Thumaier & Suzanne Leland
City-County consolidation, when a county and the cities within a county merge to form a single government entity, is the most visible and comprehensive change in the local government structure. With an average passage rate of fifteen percent, and only forty total consolidations in the US, city-county consolidation is an extremely rare event. Yet, during this great recession, many communities such... Read more

NC School Transportation by the Numbers
   September 23, 2010

How do you define good school bus service?  If you ask parents or students, you may hear about pickup times, long rides and time spent waiting at school for class to start or the evening bus to arrive.  With tightening budgets, school officials are more focused than ever on efficiency, but everyone wants the best level of service possible.   

Staff at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute...

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2009-2010 Transportation Service Indicators Report
   August 8, 2010

Rob Hamby

The Transportation Service Indicator Report is released annually by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) and compiled at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute in cooperation with the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State University. 

This report summarizes operational data for every North Carolina public school district.  Based...

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Reporting on Growth and Open Space
   August 4, 2010

The Reporting on Growth and Open Space Project produced the Open Space Journalism Resource Manual. The manual combines a wealth of information for journalists on generating story ideas and researching stories on growth, open space and related issues. The Open Space Journalism Resource Manual is available in our web publications section. (Note: this is a large document and requires additional...

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