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Lacking incentives, some Mecklenburg businesses lag in recycling

Charlotte-Mecklenburg ordinances do not require all businesses to recycle, and officials are unable to determine how much they do recycle. (Photo: Nancy PIerce)

In CMS, recycling's possible but not always practical

Recycling containers sit in classrooms in every Charlotte-Mecklenburg public school, and students at nearly half of them make the extra effort to dump leftover liquid from milk and juice cartons...

The story behind your recycling bin

Charlotte-Mecklenburg is making strides in recycling and reducing waste, yet residents still send more trash to landfills than the U.S. average. Why is recycling lagging here? One answer might be...

Why you can't toss these into your recycling bin

What can and can't be recycled can be confusing. Here is a list of what can't go into your recycling bin and why. (Photo: Nancy Pierce)

Affordable housing near Charlotte light rail? Still a challenge

As hundreds of apartments pop up around transit stations in Charlotte's South End neighborhood, the city's plan for more high-density housing near its rail line is taking shape. But a sister policy...