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A Groundswell for Charlotte: New Gambrell Faculty Fellows address Economic Mobility
   August 31, 2020
Lori Thomas

Groundswells are a series of waves formed by storm systems off the coast, so-named because the energy from their waves reaches the floor of the ocean at a thousand foot depths. By the time the waves of a groundswell reach shore, the interplay between the ocean surface and floor has built energy and momentum. Unlike wind swells that result in shallow, choppy waves and tsunamis that result in a...

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The power of active citizenship and civic engagement in seeking justice for youth
   July 20, 2020

Elise Lyght
The COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing protests for racial justice have shone a spotlight on the social inequalities present in our country. A swirl of head-spinning news has essentially left citizens across the nation and within our own communities feeling slightly helpless or lost, and asking the question “What can we do now?” Fortunately, there are plenty of answers, prominent among them civic... Read more

COVID-19 highlights educational inequities
   May 11, 2020

Chance W. Lewis, Ph.D.
The novel coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, has changed the world as we know it. This holds true for the field of education, particularly K-12 schools in North Carolina and across the U.S. COVID-19 has exposed some glaring educational inequities that were present before the pandemic, but in many ways have been amplified during this crisis. As a result, I provide four major educational... Read more

COVID-19 closes schools and brings on its own ‘summer slide’
   April 16, 2020
Justin Lane
Students lose 20% to 30% of their school year learning gains over the summer and research has found that students of color, students with disabilities and those from low income families experience greater summer learning loss than their peers — and now, the coronavirus pandemic threatens to compound these losses. Read more

Five things coronavirus could change in Charlotte
   March 30, 2020
Ely Portillo
Closed bars, restaurants and breweries. Hundreds of thousands of employees working from home while trying to home-school children. Near-empty road and no toilet paper on the shelves.  The immediate impacts from the coronavirus crisis are highly visible. But the virus could have more long-lasting and farther-reaching impacts beyond the immediate unemployment and economic disruption we’re... Read more

Irma and Ernesto Robledo: Creating a rural brain gain
   October 14, 2019
Ruth Ann Grissom
Education is often seen as the ticket out of a rural area. But the Robledo family has sought higher education – often in urban areas – to provide them with job opportunities so they can make their home in the Uwharries. Read more

How can we reconnect North Carolinians to opportunities and good jobs?
   September 10, 2019
Ely Portillo
To move up the ladder of opportunity, there’s generally consensus that people need jobs that pay a living wage, where they can grow their earnings over time. But what’s the best way to get workers, especially low-income workers with barriers such as low educational attainment, connected to those jobs? That’s the focus of the ReCONNECT to Economic Opportunity Forum, scheduled for Oct. 15 in... Read more

Report tallies college and career readiness programs
   August 15, 2018

Laura Simmons
Institute researchers look at the ecosystem of college- and career-readiness programs in Mecklenburg County. Read more

As charters and choice expand, so does segregation
   January 5, 2017
Amy Hawn Nelson
As charter school enrollment expands, statistics show they are more segregated than traditional public schools. Are they more effective? Research is inconclusive. A look at charter schools in the Charlotte region and their relationship to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Read more

School choice: Many options but conclusions elusive
   September 7, 2016
Amy Hawn Nelson
Around 80,000 students in Mecklenburg County choose to attend a school other than their neighborhood public school. But what might that mean for the caliber of education the students receive?  Read more