Ashley Williams Clark

UNC Charlotte
Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships


Ashley is Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute. She joined the Institute for Social Capital, part of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, after earning a masters in city and regional planning at UNC Chapel Hill, where she specialized in housing, community development, and real estate.

Prior to graduate school, she worked for the Urban Institute in Washington D.C., in its Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center and was the director of operations for the Urban Institute Academy. While she was data and research coordinator for ISC, Ashley served as project coordinator for assigned research projects through ISC and had primary responsibility for managing the disposition of data requests through ISC’s Data and Research Oversight Committee (DAROC), and was a liaison between researchers and DAROC.

She is a Maryland native.


Ashley has a master’s degree in city and regional planning from UNC Chapel Hill and a bachelor’s degree in urban studies from Washington University in St. Louis.


Affordable housing, community development, neighborhood planning, policy research, and data analysis.