Jeremy Alajajian
Business Officer
Bridget Anderson
Research Associate
Alberto Centurion
TIMS Project Leader/School Transportation Consultant
Asha Ellison
Director of Research Translation & Engagement, Urban Institute
Shawn Frazer
Business Services Coordinator
Mia Gaddy
Research Associate
Mecca Howe, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Jenny Hutchison, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Sydney Idzikowski
Associate Director, Charlotte Regional Data Trust
Elaine Jacobs
Operations Manager
Bill McCoy
Emeritus Faculty
Andrew McGomery
Director, TIMS program
Eric Moore, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Jenny Niu
Research Associate
Nick Occhipinti
Data Scientist
Lori Thomas, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Urban Institute and Charlotte Regional Data Trust
Kailas Venkitasubramanian, Ph.D.
Director of Research Analytics, Urban Institute
Khou Xiong
Director of Community Research Services
Katie Zager
Research Associate