Survey Research Services

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Public opinion surveys are the cornerstone of community intelligence and empirical research in social sciences. People’s opinions, beliefs, values and behavior are critical sources of information for public and organizational decision-making, as well as advancing knowledge about the society we live in.

A carefully designed survey is the most accurate and cost-effective method to generate representative insights about large populations in our region. The Urban institute offers scientifically rigorous community survey services to Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, the surrounding 14-county region and beyond.

These offerings include:

Custom Survey Research Services

High-quality public opinion survey services for the Charlotte region. The Institute can design, manage and analyze surveys end-to-end for community organizations, research groups and governments.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Annual Community Survey

Our long-running collaborative community survey program has been conducted annually for the past three decades. The survey provides an affordable solution to generate representative insights about the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region.


Our online survey panel is in development. Your Voice Charlotte (YourVoiceCLT) will offer flexible alternatives to survey development and deployment while retaining the rigor of stand-alone probability surveys. An online panel for the Charlotte region will allow for regular, rapid and affordable public opinion surveys to guide various community stakeholders. We are developing and beta-testing this community tool. For more information contact Kailas Venkitasubramanian.