Nick Occhipinti

Urban Institute
Data Scientist

Nick Occipinti is the Data Scientist at the Urban Institute for the Charlotte Regional Data Trust where he updates and maintains the Urban Institutes data warehouse. Part of his responsibilities also include looking at new ways to improve current processes such as improvements to record linkage between entities in the different datasets we receive and improving the ingestion process of how data flows from our data partners into the data warehouse. He is part of a team that is working with a vendor to build out a new cloud solution to house our data warehouse and website. I also assist with research projects when needed and perform the data pulls for data requests that are made for the different projects at the Urban Institute. Nick is a graduate a of UNC Charlotte where he earned his a Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics.  Nick has spent most of my career in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), making mapping applications and helping companies use GIS to help meet their business needs and manage their data.