Ruth Ann Grissom


Ruth Ann Grissom grew up on a farm in Montgomery County and earned degrees in journalism and social work at UNC Chapel Hill. She divides her time between Charlotte and the Uwharries.

Stories by Ruth Ann Grissom

Unruly plants and passionate attraction in a Charlotte garden

I love playing matchmaker in my garden. I introduce plants that will be compatible in terms of color, texture and form.

Milkweed for monarchs? The answer isn’t so simple

The message seems to be getting out — monarchs need milkweed. The charismatic orange and black butterflies seek nectar on a wide variety of flowers, but their caterpillars feed on no other plant...

Try the ‘bucket of doom’ to eliminate mosquitoes without harmful pesticides

Bucket of Doom. A slasher movie from the 1970s? The latest season of Fortnite?

Rediscovering an overlooked native plant: Ninebarks

Plant obsessions can run in different directions. Some plant lovers amass a deep collection of a single species – say, iris, roses or hostas. Others go wide — they want one of everything.

Ghost Tales of the Uwharries

It was a warm, late-April evening in the Uwharries. Conditions seemed auspicious. The skies were clear, and the wind was calm. The moon wouldn’t rise until the wee hours.