A rare encounter with a beautiful bird this spring

If you’ve spent any time in the woods recently, you’ve probably heard some of the neotropical migratory birds who come here in the summertime to breed. I’ve been hearing black-and-white warblers, and last week heard my first wood thrush of the year. I’ve also heard hooded warblers, northern parulas, scarlet and summer tanagers and red-eyed […]

10 key questions for public administrators in the time of COVID-19

There will certainly be scores of studies and articles for years to come about lessons for public administrators from how our multiple levels and units of government managed the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. An important place to start is asking the right set of questions. To assist me with this task, we have the good fortune […]

Trails, roads, rails and sky: The changing physical connections that knit our region together

A growing web of infrastructure and physical connections – both within the wider region and between the region and the outside world – has had a profound effect on where growth went, and where it stayed away from. People and industries in the Carolinas Urban-Rural Connection study area followed trading paths, railroads, highways and, now, air service.

Old Albemarle High School (opened 1924), renovated in 2007 to become Central Elementary.

Historic schools of the Charlotte region

Historic school buildings exist all around the Charlotte region. Some are imposing buildings in the center of towns, while others are humble buildings in rural areas. Here’s some information about the structures in this photo gallery: Pleasant Retreat Academy was chartered in 1813 and built between 1817 and 1820. The building is the earliest brick […]