Articles about Public Safety

Inequalities in Charlotte: Coronavirus shines a spotlight
   April 9, 2020
Ely Portillo
As unemployment rises and schools remain closed, the coronavirus crisis is highlighting some of the many inequalities in the Charlotte region.  Those problems go beyond the ones we’re familiar with, such as income inequality and patterns of segregation. They point to deeply embedded inequalities in how we’ve built our city and our region, as well as access to key infrastructure.  Read more

Would closing these streets help our lack of public space?
   March 9, 2020

Clayton Sealey, CLT Development
A steady rain of giggles falls on a busy street in Uptown Charlotte. It’s May 2019, and a neat row of see-saws undulate back and forth, bright LED strips highlighting their movement, as elated, carefree riders push off. The smell of food trucks serving eager patrons wafts through the air. Parents watch, relaxed, knowing they don’t have to pull their child out of oncoming traffic, as kids run... Read more

The Urban Institute Research Faculty Fellows seek to better our region
   August 12, 2019
Lori Thomas
A new program designed to identify solutions for some of the pressing needs and issues of the greater Charlotte region is getting underway this fall at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute. For the first time, the Institute has named a cohort of Faculty Fellows to conduct short-term research projects and work alongside community stakeholders to understand and share findings that can guide community... Read more

Do youth end up in the justice system because they disengage from school?
   June 10, 2019
Ely Portillo
A UNC Charlotte professor used the integrated data system at the Institute for Social Capital, a part of the Urban Institute, to examine whether students of color are more likely to enter the juvenile justice system because they’re more disengaged from school. Her conclusion: “The way our kids are being processed in the system is affected by the color of their skin.” Read more

City's Charlotte WALKS initiative aims to improve walkability
   January 14, 2015

Since the late 1990s, Charlotte has experienced a major policy shift toward creating more walkable streets. Things are improving, but the city still faces significant challenges: a legacy of our decades of auto-oriented development. Commentary. Read more

Pedestrian safety? Council wants to look beyond South End
   June 18, 2014
Mary Newsom
When one Charlotte City Council member expressed concerns about pedestrian safety in South End, other council members chimed in with complaints from around the city. (Photo: Nancy Pierce) Read more

Charlotte ranked 10th most dangerous metro for pedestrians
   May 21, 2014
Chuck McShane
The Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia area ranks 10th most dangerous metro for pedestrians, according to a study, Dangerous by Design, released this week by the National Complete Streets Coalition and Smart Growth America. (Photo: Nancy Pierce) Read more

City to improve safety at site of student death
   August 26, 2013
Chuck McShane
Nearly 18 months after a Garinger High School student was struck by a car and killed crossing Eastway Drive at Sugar Creek Road, the city has OK'd spending money to improve the intersection. But construction won't start until fall 2014. (Photo: Mary Newsom) Read more

Charlotte quietly improves streets for cyclists
   January 30, 2013

While cities such as Memphis have gained national attention for proclaiming a bicycle-friendly goal, Charlotte has been quietly taking a number of steps to improve its own streets for cyclists. (Photo: Keihly Moore) Read more

Stormy Septembers in the Piedmont
   September 15, 2011
Ruth Ann Grissom
The Atlantic hurricane season spans June through November, but North Carolina typically sees some of the worst storms in September, and we sometimes experience their devastation here in the Piedmont. I managed to dodge hurricanes Hugo and Fran, but the Uwharries weren't so lucky. Read more