Examining housing needs at Brookhill Village in the event of redevelopment

In 2020, Lookout Housing Ventures proposed a redevelopment plan for Brookhill Village, a 36-acre naturally occurring affordable housing development near the intersection of Remount Road and South Boulevard. Although the proposed development has not moved forward, the approximately 120 households of Brookhill Village may be at risk of displacement if Brookhill Village were to be redeveloped with less affordable housing in the future.

The City of Charlotte recently engaged United Way of Central Carolinas to conduct an asset and needs assessment for the Brookhill community residents, to better understand the community and the resources that would be needed if Brookhill Village were to be redeveloped.

Read the full report here (PDF)

United Way partnered with the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, the Brookhill Community Resource Center, the Brookhill Neighborhood Association and the South Tryon Community Development Corporation to complete this work in a collaborative partnership. The assessment consisted of a community survey developed with and conducted by Brookhill residents, as well as community feedback sessions to further contextualize and analyze the survey data. Using a community-based, participatory framework to assess the community’s needs, residents assisted with the development of the survey tool and provided input during the planning, launch, and reporting phases of the survey. One hundred Brookhill resident households, about 80% of the total residents, participated.

Current Brookhill residents described their community as affordable, culturally vibrant, family-oriented and centrally located. Residents also outlined their needs for housing identification and search services, moving expenses and deposit assistance, long-term rental subsidies, and housing case management services in the event that Brookhill is redeveloped. United Way and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute have published the details in the Brookhill Community Assets & Needs Assessment report.

There are currently no known active redevelopment plans for Brookhill Village. In October 2020, Charlotte City Council approved a $3 million Housing Trust Fund allocation to support Lookout Housing Venture’s proposed redevelopment, with several contingencies. To date, the developer has not met the contingency requirements nor submitted an updated Housing Trust Fund application for its proposed New Brookhill development. City staff has met directly with Brookhill Village residents to help connect them to currently available resources – supports that may be needed now and those that may be needed in the future.