Explore CMS data at the school level

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The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute has partnered with MeckEd to provide a series of interactive maps that allow the public to do their own exploration of CMS schools. Those maps have now been combined into a new interface that creates an integrated school data resource.

The maps show data on teacher turnover, student suspension rates, attendance, and proficiency. Separate sections combine high school data from the above topics with SAT scores and graduation rates. Another set of maps puts the county’s charter school data in a convenient location.

Several maps are accompanied by more in-depth articles (linked at the bottom of map windows).

The maps can be zoomed into neighborhoods and by clicking on a school location, data from more than one year is displayed so change over time is evident.

Click on the map graphic below to go to the interactive school maps. Scroll below to see links to the articles that are available on several of the topics for more background.

The links below give more in-depth information on some of the interactive maps’ data:

CMS proficiency: Maps and trends

Mapping CMS High School Data

Mecklenburg charter schools: Maps, data and more