How to make Charlotte a place where creatives can thrive

Let’s be honest: When you think “Charlotte,” the next words to pop into your head aren’t “creative powerhouse,” are they?

People are more likely to think of Charlotte as a center of banking and finance, a busy airline hub, or a hothouse for the booming real estate market. But Charlotte is also a creative center in its own right, and there are people working to make sure the city learns to appreciate — and support — its creative community.

Tim Miner and Matt Olin, co-founders of Charlotte is Creative, joined the “Future Charlotte” podcast to tackle questions like “Is Charlotte creative?” (Yes), why some creatives feel like they have to leave to Charlotte to succeed, and why it matters that our creative community is healthy. Charlotte is Creative commissioned a new study in partnership with the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, which surveyed more than 630 local creatives. This new study found many encouraging signs. A majority of Charlotte creatives said they’re happy working here, and that the city offers a supportive environment.

But there were also trouble spots. Many creatives described financially precarious situations, having to work other jobs to make ends meet, and a sense that, to truly be appreciated, they need to leave Charlotte and work elsewhere. Hear all about it below.

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