Institute to provide maps, data for new nonprofit, EducationNC

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EducationNC – a nonpartisan, nonprofit news source aiming to create a bipartisan, statewide conversation about public schools – launched Jan. 12. will provide online data, research, news, information and analysis about major trends, issues and challenges facing N.C. schools.

On Mondays, Zach Szczepaniak and Claire Apaliski of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute – building off our data visualization work with MeckEd – will provide weekly maps and data dashboards to highlight relevant statewide education statistics for Adam Rhew with MeckEd will be writing a column – MeckMondays – for EdNC as well.

EdNC joins a growing number of data partners for the institute who seek to use objective data to engage the public in thoughtful dialogue about issues important to our state and community. We are excited about this new partnership, and we hope the information the institute provides EdNC will encourage your participation in this new initiative to begin a statewide conversation around this important topic.

Please join the conversation by visiting their website and checking out our maps –

—Jeff Michael