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Our Connecting Spaces: The Intersection of Arts, Culture & Community

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NOTE: THIS EVENT HAS ENDED. PLEASE VIEW THE RECAP HERE OR AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. There is art everywhere in the Charlotte region – as far as the eye can see. Although increasingly visible, are we making the most of it? The Charlotte region brims with robust arts and cultural resources from live […]

Meet Asha Ellison, Director of Research Translation & Engagement

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Asha Ellison has been named director of research translation and engagement for the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, part of urbanCORE, a unit within the Division of Academic Affairs. Her official start date was Monday, September 18. In this role, she will amplify the work of the Institute’s leaders, researchers, faculty and students on a local […]

A Road Running Southward

Before John Muir became known for his ramblings in Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada, he trekked through the South from Kentucky to Florida. In 1867, at the age of 28, Muir suffered a workplace accident he feared would leave him permanently blind. Within a few months, he had fully recovered, but his experience prompted him […]

New Gambrell Faculty Fellows Address Critical Community Questions

How could community help us weather the impact of climate change? How might Charlotte’s ever-evolving housing market impact local schools? What does it mean to truly mend the harms of systemic racism? Those are just a few of the questions that UNC Charlotte faculty members will work to answer as part of the fifth cohort […]

What feeds the pollinators feeds us

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A concrete walkway bisects my small front yard. I grow herbs and vegetables on one side and an assortment of native grasses and perennials on the other. In my mind, they’ve always been two distinct entities. One side feeds us, and the other feeds wildlife. I’ve recently had to reconsider that rigid dichotomy. The line […]

The haunted history of reclaiming a floodplain

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Chantilly Ecological Sanctuary, informally known as Chantilly Eco-Park, is an oasis in East Charlotte, a part of the county underserved by green space. Hugging a section of Briar Creek, its roughly 24 acres support lush wetlands, regenerating forest and grasslands riddled with butterfly weed. This outstanding wildlife habitat – over 160 species of birds have […]

Prevent gun violence in Charlotte by investing in under-resourced communities

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When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? For me, the answer usually rotated between some sort of doctor or a writer. I grew up in an environment that recognized my strengths and weaknesses and offered resources to work on both. In middle school when I struggled with depression, […]

How to Humanize your data: A Domestic Violence Survivors Guide

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Data are an important part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg ecosystem. When decisions hang in the balance regarding funding, policies, or programs, data can tip the scales. Conversations about data are frequently dominated by data scientists, professional service providers, executive administrators, and university researchers. But what of the people whom the data represent? Where are their voices […]

Surveys, Counts and Blitzes

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Concerns about an “insect apocalypse” have grown more widespread in recent years. There’s a sense among scientists – and the general public – that we simply aren’t seeing as many insects as we used to. I remember driving through the Uwharries on summer nights when insects splattered the windshield like the first fat drops of […]

When Rabbits Decide

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We gardeners are always striving for an ideal vision, the moment when our creations will finally reach their full, mature potential. And we foolishly assume that once they’ve attained it, they’ll then remain in that state of perfection. But gardens aren’t static. They’re always in flux. Plants don’t perform as promised. We make poor choices. […]