ISC Data And Research Oversight Committee

The Institute for Social Captial Data and Research Oversight Committee (DAROC) is a committee of the ISC Board of Directors tasked with reviewing and approving all requests to use data from the ISC Integrated Data System. DAROC members also establish and monitor ISC policies regarding data privacy and data use. DAROC members include representatives from data depositors, faculty members, and other stakeholders with research expertise.

Current ISC DAROC Members:

Committee Chair
Virginia Covill, PhD

Vice President of Research, Evaluation, and Impact
Communities in Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Joined DAROC in 2016

Dustin Elliott
Management Analyst
Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office
Joined DAROC in 2014

Todd Lontz
Research and Strategic Planning & SWAT Negotiations Commander
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
Joined DAROC in 2019

Victoria Manning
Executive Director
Skeebo Foundations
Joined DAROC in 2014

Mauro Messina
Supervisor - Research, Planning, and Evaluation
Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services
Joined DAROC in 2015

Mary Ann Priester, MSW
HMIS Administrator
Mecklenburg County Community Support Services | Homelessness Support Services
Joined DAROC in 2020

Rebecca Schell, MA
Senior Research & Evaluation Analyst
Office of Accountability, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Joined DAROC in 2018

Victoria Scott, PhD, MBA
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychological Science, UNC Charlotte 
Joined DAROC in 2016

Jennifer Stamp, MSW
Director of Planning & Evaluation
Smart Start Mecklenburg Partnership for Children
Joined DAROC in 2017