For Survey Participants


The Urban Institute at UNC Charlotte collects data for use by policy makers, community organizations, government, and others who want to make well-informed decisions.

Your name, address or phone number was likely selected at random to be included in one of our surveys. It is also possible that we selected your contact information at random from a specialized list of people who have some unique experience or characteristic, such as a study of healthcare workers or members of a particular union. Either way, your participation is much appreciated.

We collect data in different ways, including in person, via phone, by mail, or on the internet. Each address or name is selected at random to represent hundreds or thousands of others. Your participation is voluntary, but we encourage you to consider the important uses of the data we collect.

Your privacy is also important. Your information will be combined with other participants’ in the form of statistical data and your identity will never be connected to your responses. Your answers to our questions are processed separately from any information that might identify you as an individual. In addition, only our research staff has access to the data until it has been combined with that of other participants into anonymous statistical tables.

We are an institute dedicated to community research in the Charlotte region, and our goal is to provide the highest quality data on public opinion and reactions to important community issues. We don’t sell or market any products or services on behalf of our partners. We also will never sell your personal data to any entity or individual.

If you have further questions, please contact the team.