Exploring and Discovering Charlotte

In a city there are so many things, incremental changes and dynamic moments, it is impossible to see it all… there’s always more to discover. Discovery, for some, is an art. It is the willingness to try something new, choosing to make the uncomfortability of newness the norm. Research Associate Angelique Gaines appeared with community historian Tom Hanchett on a recent episode of Spoken City Podcast, co-hosted by local spoken word artists “Bluz” Boris Rogers, Hannah Hasan, and Jay (Junius) Ward. Tom is responsible for hosting notorious food tours in East Charlotte and exploring the city’s history as well as authoring the book: Sorting Out the New South City. Angelique has been instrumental in the development of City Walks, an annual event in Charlotte and many other cities during May, where community members meet to explore different neighborhoods and spaces throughout the community. Learn more about Charlotte in this episode.