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Exploring and Discovering Charlotte

In a city there are so many things, incremental changes and dynamic moments, it is impossible to see it all… there’s always more to discover. Discovery, for some, is an art. It is the willingness to try something new, choosing to make the uncomfortability of newness the norm. Research Associate Angelique Gaines appeared with community […]

Rediscovering our region on a motorcycle

At the end of last autumn, I set out to rediscover our evolving metropolis with a bit of caffeine. Staking out the independent coffee shops that dot our region, I began an informal weekly motorcycle tour of the 14-counties that surround Charlotte’s urban center to observe and learn, but mostly to relax. Are the open […]

Transit talks feel like ‘Groundhog Day’

In honor of (last week’s) Groundhog Day, and to mark the city’s transit discussion that keeps circling back to the same core points, we’ve compiled a list of the recurring questions that just keep poking their head out of the hole. To briefly recap: Charlotte wants to spend $13.5 billion to expand its transportation system, […]

Repairing the Mistake of I-277

Editor’s Note: This article is the first in a series of guest contributors considering the question, “What small tweak or large shift would you make in 2023 that would catalyze sustainable growth and ensure equitable wellbeing in our region?” The construction of I-277 was a failed urban renewal ploy during the mid to late 20th […]

A look back on a year that left us more or less where we started, and trying to guess where we’ll go from here

As 2022 drew to a close, Charlotte’s transit ambitions appeared to be pretty much where they started the year: in limbo. There’s been progress on some of the incremental question marks about how we get from here to there. The route for the planned Silver Line is coming into focus, some express bus routes canceled […]

Charlotte leaders are looking for regional cooperation — and funding — to restart stalled transit expansion plan

Charlotte’s transit plan is dead — long live the Charlotte region’s transit plan? It’s been almost two years since the $13.5 billion Charlotte MOVES plan was unveiled, and there have been weeks of hints that changes are coming to the city’s plan for expanded rail, bus and other transportation options. Now, the shape and scope […]

Shrinking Charlotte’s transit ambitions to get something built

Almost two years after Charlotte’s ambitious transit expansion plan was unveiled, local officials are admitting something that’s become increasingly apparent: It might not come to fruition, at least not as originally proposed. That’s because the linchpin of the whole $13.5 billion Charlotte MOVES plan — a one-cent local sales tax that would require approval from […]

Fourth Gambrell Faculty Fellows cohort will focus on different aspects of equity

As the Charlotte region reckons with both the immediate aftermath of COVID-19 and longstanding challenges such as segregation and educational inequities, the Gambrell Faculty Fellows program has named a new cohort of scholars to help illuminate the way to a more equitable community. The fourth cohort of Fellows will investigate a wide range of challenges, […]

What Charlotte can learn from other cities about taxing transit

Earlier this summer, the transit system that serves Columbus, Ohio, made a big announcement: It wouldn’t be seeking voter approval for a half-cent sales tax for transit. “Now is not the right time,” Patrick Harris, the vice president of external relations for the Central Ohio Transit Authority told the Columbus Dispatch in July. “There are […]

Building some ‘there’ there: Transforming University City

One of Charlotte’s quintessential suburban communities has big plans to transform itself into a dense, walkable, mixed-use center. Greenways, sidewalks, protected bike lanes and transit would replace the car-choked expressways and huge parking lots that dominate the auto-centric area now. We’re not talking about Ballantyne or SouthPark. Leaders in University City — Charlotte’s second-largest employment […]