Introducing ‘Future Charlotte,’ a podcast about our city’s growth

Charlotte is a city with growth embedded in its DNA, a community where striving to be “world-class” has both propelled us forward and papered over many disparities just beneath the surface.

And Charlotte’s growth shows no signs of slowing down. With a host of plans coming together in 2021 that will set the city’s path for a generation — including a 2040 vision plan, a new unified development ordinance, a $12 billion transit plan, a new parks master plan and more — the Urban Institute is launching the Future Charlotte podcast to take a look at what the next few decades hold for us.

Each episode, we’ll be talking with someone shaping an aspect of Charlotte’s future. We’ll be addressing themes ranging from what Charlotte needs to really hit the big-time to how the city can grow more equitably than it has in the past, from whether we’re investing enough in park space to why saving some of our history matters. Guests include Charlotte planning director Taiwo Jaiyeoba, Historic West End Partners founder J’Tanya Adams, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission executive director Jack Thomson and more.

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All Future Charlotte episodes are also available below, and the list will be updated as new tracks are added.

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