Linking data to inform policy at the Institute for Social Capital

Data often lives in silos. At the Institue for Social Capital, part of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, researchers can find the links those silos might otherwise hide.

The institute was profiled this week by EducationNC, as part of a series on data in education. The wide range of data available at the institute – compiled from agencies and governments across the region – allows researchers and policymakers to investigate problems and craft solutions in a unique way.

From the story:

“The strength we have is the ability to integrate across these different data sources. Something like the school district data and social services data don’t really communicate. But through data sharing agreements and statistical techniques, data linkages can put them together, and it allows for deep and robust research. That’s our bread and butter,” said Justin Lane, acting associate director of the ISC.”

Read the whole story by EducationNC online here.

You can learn more about the Institute for Social Capital online at /programs/isc.

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