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Introducing the Charlotte Regional Data Trust

Dr. Lori Thomas Our community’s challenges extend past any one silo, organization or jurisdictional line. Public education systems address hunger, health, homelessness, and other impacts of poverty. Our jails and prisons are mental health and substance use treatment facilities. Our workforce development efforts must circumvent fragmented transportation, distant and still unaffordable housing before people can […]

Urban Institute adds staff to deepen our understanding of the Charlotte region

As the Charlotte region confronts the challenges and opportunities facing our growing region, the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute is welcoming new staff members to help engage with the community, study problems and find policy solutions. Three new staff members are joining the Charlotte Urban Institute this summer, all of whom will directly engage with research […]

Application deadline extended for the next Gambrell Faculty Fellows cohort

Update: The deadline to apply for the fourth cohort of Gambrell Faculty Fellows has been extended to April 15. Interested faculty can download the application materials here. The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute is seeking the fourth cohort of faculty fellows to research issues related to economic mobility in the Charlotte region, with support from The […]

Dr. Lori Thomas named interim director of Urban Institute

Dr. Lori Thomas, Director of Research and Faculty Engagement at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, will assume the role of Interim Director of the institute effective May 1. Thomas will replace Jeff Michael, the Institute’s long-time director, who is leaving the position April 30 after serving 18 years to become North Carolina’s Deputy Secretary for […]

Finding promise in the pain, and looking ahead to 2021

If we’re being completely honest, those of us who sat down this year to write traditional end-of-year reflections struggled to find something positive to say. I certainly did. Whether an organizational newsletter or a family’s holiday greeting card, it seemed the best one could say about 2020 is that it’s finally over. However, as I […]

The Carolinas Urban-Rural Connection is featured on TV

As urban areas boom while many rural areas and small towns struggle, experts and local leaders are looking at success stories like Shelby’s embrace of its musical heritage as a roadmap to revitalization. The Carolinas Urban-Rural Connection A special project from the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute Read about the project here Introduction: Strengthening ties to […]

Job alert: Join the Urban Institute team

The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute is hiring an Associate Director of Research who will also serve as the Director of Community Research Services. The Director will serve as the day-to-day manager of the Institute research team and will manage ongoing tasks that enable the Institute to provide research with and for the Charlotte, North Carolina […]

‘Stay true to what we are’: Looking ahead while appreciating the past

What a year 2019 has been been for the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute: The completion of a two-year study of the connections between Charlotte and surrounding rural communities. The launch of a new Urban Institute Faculty Fellows program focusing on economic opportunity. The inaugural Schul Forum Series. But it was also a year of reflection, […]

‘It would be insane’ not to value stronger urban-rural connections

Cities boom while rural areas struggle. People seeking opportunity leave the countryside for urban areas. Small towns left behind after the local mill or factory closes down are hollowed-out shells. We’ve heard these tropes before; cliches about the urban-rural divide abound. But the Carolinas Urban-Rural Connection project is built on the premise that there’s more […]

Part 4: Connecting urban policy to the community

The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute is marking its 50th anniversary in 2019-20 with a five-part series recalling its history. Sources for these stories include interviews, newspaper articles, university documents and two books – Charlotte and UNC Charlotte: Growing Up Together by Ken Sanford and Dean W. Colvard: Quiet Leader, by Marion A. Ellis. UNC Charlotte […]