Watch: Health disparities in Charlotte along racial, socioeconomic fault lines

Health and economic mobility are connected, and the burdens of poor health don’t fall equally on different groups in our society.

In Charlotte, where you live — along with your race, income and other demographic factors — has a big impact on aspects of health, from access to pharmacies to fresh food and even average age of death.

On Aug. 26, a panel of local experts convened virtually to discuss the problem in Charlotte, and what approaches we might take to improving economic mobility and health. The panel included Dr. Jerome Williams of Novant Health, Dr. Kinneil Coltman of Atrium Health, Dr. Colleen Hammelman and moderator Dr. Byron White, both of UNC Charlotte. You can view the full panel below or on YouTube.

The panel was part of the Schul Conversations series, convening local and national experts for virtual discussions about the factors impacting economic mobility.

Previous panel discussions have included the role of transportation and housing in economic mobility. You can view recordings of those below.

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