Carolina Thread Trail takes steps toward reality

Imagine being able to hop on your bicycle in Huntersville and pedal on greenways and trails to your job in the UNC Charlotte area. How about a Saturday morning hike from downtown Lincolnton to the Catawba County line, with the kids? A regional system of trails and greenways is beginning to emerge that promises to […]

The six shad species of N.C.

If you’re like me, this warmer weather is more than enough encouragement to spend more time outside. Days are getting longer and bulky winter clothing is replaced with t-shirts and flip flops. Time to start thinking about heading to our lakes and rivers for water-based recreational activities, and for many of you, the activity at […]

Time to kayak the Uwharrie River

We’ve finally had enough rain this spring to fill up the ephemeral pools for amphibian breeding, and (for those of you more adventure-seeking outdoors people) also to create enough flow in our rivers for kayak trips to begin. I haven’t yet made my first inaugural trip of 2011 on the Uwharrie River, but rest assured […]

Measuring the Return on Investment

Today’s public libraries are expected to deliver traditional services in a rapidly changing technological environment . As libraries struggle to maintain high quality programs that are financially sustainable, the impact of the recent recession and the consequent decline in financial support further challenges libraries to find ways to survive while continuing to deliver essential services. […]