Black bears in the North Carolina Piedmont

Although bear sightings in the Piedmont are not uncommon, the bears are usually just passing through. However, black bears are gradually expanding their habitat into the Piedmont region, and their range now extends over 60 percent of North Carolina. Though historically they were found across the state, black bears had very low population numbers in […]

Panning for gold

When my niece and nephew were younger, they had large, shallow pans to take along on trips to the Low Water Bridge. Wading and skipping rocks were favorite pastimes on this picturesque section of the Uwharrie River, but on occasion they would also pan for gold. Grandpa provided the labor, shoveling pebbles and sediment into […]

Backpacking basics and the 2014 Uwharrie Trail thru hike

Last summer, LandTrust of Central North Carolina staff, interns, and friends participated in the first backpacking thru hike of the full Uwharrie Recreational Trail. Thanks to more than 15 years of conservation work, this trail can now be hiked in its 40-mile entirety. We got such positive response from our first thru hike, that we […]

Interest from women fuels rise in hunting

During hunting season, photos of beaming young women often grace the pages of The Montgomery Herald. Dressed head to toe in camo, they pose with a turkey or deer. The Uwharries seem to be on the cutting edge of a national trend. According to a 2011 report by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the […]

Uwharrie Trail extension and trailhead dedication Dec. 8

A new, 4-mile extension of the Uwharrie National Recreation Trail, along with a new trailhead, will be dedicated Dec. 8. The trailhead will be named in honor of Joe Moffitt, the founder and visionary behind the creation of the trail.

Kayaking the South Yadkin

The South Yadkin River, only ten minutes from Salisbury, has several interesting stretches. Recently, The LandTrust for Central North Carolina hosted a kayak trip there. Our trip began at the launch site on U.S. Highway 601 South and ended at a public access area at the end of Hannah Ferry Road. Both of these locations […]

Halloween hike and ghost stories in the Uwharries

The Uwharrie Mountains are home to numerous legends and ghost stories passed down through the generations. An upcoming hike and storytelling event will take you into these mountains for an evening filled with legends and ghost tales. About the event Click here or scroll below for details of the hike and storytelling event. Author Fred […]

Where the wild things are

What kinds of wild animals are in the woods, and what are they up to? The Smithsonian Institution and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences have set up cameras to find out. Scroll below for a photo gallery of animal images captured as part of the eMammal project. This summer, as part of my […]

Uwharrie Trail, from end to end

Thru-hiking means going the complete distance (end-to-end) on a long-distance trail. Thanks to the efforts of several organizations, all 40 miles of the Uwharrie Trail can now be “thru-hiked.” Often we hike trails and visit parks and don’t think much about how they came about for us to enjoy. The Uwharrie Trail was originally built […]

Investing in our past, present and future

If I didn’t have natural places to visit – trails to hike, rivers to kayak, mountains to climb, the sound of total quiet deep in the woods and of running brooks and streams – my life would be far less full. Famous naturalist John Muir said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to […]