Moving to Charlotte? Here’s the best moving tool

By Katie Zager
Moving to or within Charlotte? The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Quality of Life Explorer can help you find your next home. Moving can be stressful, especially when you’re heading to a new city. Finding a place to live, when you don’t know the lay of the land, where to find preferred amenities, or may not know anyone in your new home town, is doubly so. With hundreds of homes for sale, and thousands of apartment listings, where do you even start? Once you’ve settled on your price point, and found a few places that meet your basic needs, what else […]

Meeting the Needs of the West Sugar Creek Corridor

By Mae Israel
How one Charlotte community is learning to navigate its changing and conflicting identities […]

Changing priorities: How the neighborhood choices of out-of-town movers impacts locals

What happens to the community needs of an existing population when out-of-town movers relocate to their city? Do they dry up like raisins in the sun? Not exactly, but the resources existing residents need to thrive, and the amenities they desire, could be reprioritized if they aren’t equally shared – or aligned – with those […]

Keynote speaker Sarah Smarsh at the 2019 Schul Forum

The 2019 Schul Forum

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The racial wealth gap: Business ownership & entrepreneurship

We recognize the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor are connected to the same systemic and institutional racism that created and sustains the racial wealth gap. We recognize that addressing racial violence and the racial wealth gap is dependent on systemic and structural solutions rather than the individual solutions that have placed […]

Identifying the frog calls of spring

June is almost upon us, and the rush of activity in the ponds, streams, and vernal pools of our state is already well underway. For many native frogs, it’s breeding season. Right now is a great time to experience the variety of nighttime songs that signal the return of summer in our waterways. The best […]

Growing peas and finding peace in the Piedmont

The English peas are finished. Given the long spell of mild weather we’ve enjoyed this year, I’d hoped this cool-weather crop might last a bit longer. Alas, they still flamed out in a matter of weeks. English peas (Pisum sativum) are the very essence of a Piedmont spring – sweet and tender and all too […]

How jobs contribute to the racial wealth gap

This is the fourth in an ongoing series, based on a report by the Urban Institute. The report was compiled with support from Bank of America, ​which partners with the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute and the Institute for Social Capital on research that provides insight into community initiatives. Join us Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on […]

The effects of COVID-19 on architecture: Predictions from tomorrow’s designers

This story is published in partnership with the UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture. When the coronavirus pandemic hit in the middle of the spring semester, it added a whole new layer of significance to the assignments in Assistant Professor of Architectural History Lidia Klein’s spring seminar. The curriculum for the graduate course, Architecture […]