Charlotte will ask voters for millions to fund transportation upgrades, but bonds won’t cover all needs

Charlotte is planning to ask voters this year to approve more than $100 million worth of new transportation bonds — an amount that would allow the city to make progress on goals like building more sidewalks but still fall short of covering many crucial needs. Municipal bonds aren’t quite as sexy as a multibillion-dollar new […]

Autonomous vehicles, flying taxis and…buses? Balancing present and future needs

How do you plan for the future and dream big while attending to the pressing needs of the day? It’s a question that came up pointedly during Charlotte City Council’s annual planning retreat this week. With 385,000 people projected to move to Charlotte over the next couple decades, the city is grappling with increasing congestion […]

Transit discussion doesn’t center on moving people

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When it comes to the discussion about Charlotte’s proposed 1-cent transit and mobility sales tax increase, there’s been a lot more talk about moving up the socioeconomic ladder than moving around the city. So far, the public push for more funding hasn’t included specifics around possible ridership numbers, how much specific transit corridors might cost, […]

Austin voters approve $7.1B transit plan. Is Charlotte next?

When it comes to Charlotte’s transportation ambitions for the coming decades, the biggest question is simple: How will the city pay for it all? Austin, Tex., could point to an answer. Voters there approved a $7.1 billion transit plan on Election Day this year, with 58% supporting the referendum. The plan will raise property taxes […]

Some suburbs facing the dilemma of high growth vs. low taxes

In cities and counties surrounding Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, tensions are swirling over the rate of new residential development, what it should look like and – especially – how to pay for it. Those aren’t new challenges in a metro area that’s been one of the nation’s fastest growing in recent decades. But many communities, […]

NCDOT letter poses dilemma for low-tax Union County towns

A North Carolina Department of Transportation letter has planners and officials in several Union County towns scrambling to figure out how they’ll maintain new subdivision streets in what has long been one of the fastest growing counties in the state. The September letter from Division 10 engineer Louis Mitchell said NCDOT would no longer accept […]

N.C. tax reforms: 1921, 1933 and maybe 2013

The Revenue Act of 1921 put the Tar Heel State on a then-new path by replacing its old and failing state property tax with the modern income tax. In the Emergency Revenue Act of 1933, as incomes and tax revenue sank into the depths of the Great Depression, state policymakers established the retail sales tax […]

N.C. tax plans: The details

Below are more specific details about the differing tax-restructuring proposals from two N.C. senators. Neither proposal is likely to be adopted exactly as presented, because amendments and changes are likely as the measures move through will the N.C. General Assembly. Clodfelter proposal Details of the tax plan, Senate Bill 394, proposed by N.C. Sen. Dan […]