Old Albemarle High School (opened 1924), renovated in 2007 to become Central Elementary.

Historic schools of the Charlotte region

Historic school buildings exist all around the Charlotte region. Some are imposing buildings in the center of towns, while others are humble buildings in rural areas. Here’s some information about the structures in this photo gallery: Pleasant Retreat Academy was chartered in 1813 and built between 1817 and 1820. The building is the earliest brick […]

A car-free Independence Square, now called "The Square," depicted in 1966 Central Area Plan.

Mid-20th-century plans for central Charlotte

Sketches below aer are from the 1966 Greater Charlotte Central Area Plan by A.G. Odell Jr. and Associates.  Map is from the 1960 Wilbur Smith Master Highway Transportation Plan.

Davidson Farmers Market - Honey

Gallery: Farmers Markets of the Charlotte Region

While they have a long history in the area, farmers markets have seen a burst of activity in the Charlotte region in recent years. New markets are now springing up inside Charlotte as well as in the towns that ring the center city. Photographer Nancy Pierce visited several farmers markets to capture the life and […]

Shober Bridge near Salisbury's Historic District, was the path for General Stoneman's raid on the City of Salisbury in 1865.

Historic Salisbury

The City of Salisbury has had great success as a community in preserving its past. These photos highlight some examples of the many treasures in its commercial center and historic neighborhoods. Read related article on this site. Photographs by Nancy Pierce

Luther House in Eleazer community; probably hall-and-parlor with rear kitchen el.

Vernacular Architecture in the Uwharries

“Frank Lloyd Wright described vernacular architecture as ‘folk building growing in response to actual needs, fitted into environment…’  Early settlers to the Piedmont – English, Scots-Irish, and German – arrived with traditional European building styles in mind, but they quickly adapted them to our local conditions.  As such, the old farmhouses in the Uwharries became […]

Research Triangle West: Bringing knowledge production to the western Piedmont

In the early 1950s the not yet established Research Triangle Park (RTP) was pitched to Governor Luther Hodges as a cluster of “two medical schools, two engineering schools and a core of preeminent researchers in every field of science.” Hodges response: he called the presenter (a dean at NC State College) a “huckster.”[i] North Carolinians […]

Employment and Wages in Charlotte: Financial Industry and Beyond

Charlotte, like much of the nation, has been affected by the economic recession that began in December 2007. Job losses and unemployment extend across nearly all economic sectors, leaving virtually no region or industry immune from the downturn. Due to the tenuous situation of banking and finance industries during the recession, Charlotte’s unique position as […]

Eagle Point Nature Preserve, Rowan County

Environment Gallery

Apple Baking Company President Matt DeBoer, on the Apple Ugglies production line - Rowan Co.

Economy Gallery

Photos by Nancy Pierce