One month into the coronavirus crisis, food and housing insecurity rise

Since the coronavirus lockdowns began, Mecklenburg’s resource helpline has seen housing assistance requests jump 219% and food assistance jump 747%. These numbers are an indication of the dramatic impacts we’re seeing unfold on Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s economy. It has been more than one month since Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency to combat the spread […]

Five things coronavirus could change in Charlotte

Closed bars, restaurants and breweries. Hundreds of thousands of employees working from home while trying to home-school children. Near-empty road and no toilet paper on the shelves. The immediate impacts from the coronavirus crisis are highly visible. But the virus could have more long-lasting and farther-reaching impacts beyond the immediate unemployment and economic disruption we’re […]

High rent, cost burdens, and inadequate supply: Five new, key facts about housing

Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are still facing a large gap between the supply of affordable housing and the number of residents who need it, as inreasing rents and a tight housing market are squeezing more families’ budgets and putting them at risk of housing instability, evicion and homelessness. Those are some of the key findings […]

Data, urban agriculture and opportunity zones: Lessons from Milwaukee

Sometimes it can feel like the world is drowning in data: Big data, data mining, data science, data analytics and other buzzwords have become so familiar as to be cliches. But the meeting last week of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, held in Milwaukee, was also full of reminders about the power of data to […]

Everybody counts

Everyone wants to be included and accounted for. This is no different for our homeless population, a group that often feels overlooked and ignored. Charlotte-Mecklenburg is doing their best to remedy this with their annual Point-In-Time Count. The Point-In-Time (PIT) Count is an unduplicated estimate of individuals experiencing homelessness on a single night in January. […]

2018 North Mecklenburg Demographic and Housing Assessment

On February 4, 2019, the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute and Lake Norman Economic Development Corporation released the 2018 North Mecklenburg Demographic and Housing Assessment. This report presents the findings from a demographics and housing assessment for the northern part of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (North Mecklenburg). The North Mecklenburg region includes the towns of Huntersville, […]

Snapshot of poverty in Mecklenburg County

Poverty is a critical social and public policy issue nationwide, but there is considerable variation by state, municipality, and neighborhood. What is the state of poverty in our community? How pervasive is it? How deeply is it ingrained? The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute is working with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force to present data that […]

Chart Charlotte region’s progress toward CONNECT goals

After three years of citizen engagement and the creation of a Regional Growth Framework for the 14-county Charlotte region, the CONNECT Our Future initiative moves into the implementation phase, to assist local governments in their individual efforts to realize the goals and objectives of that framework. One element of the implementation phase is a collaboration […]

Data’s more complex, but institute still helps you interpret it

During 2014, Americans became more aware than ever of the steadily growing role of data in our lives: a role that is influencing what we buy, shaping our connections with others, directing government policies and, through social media data-mining, making even our private behavior a commodity up for sale. Here at the UNC Charlotte Urban […]

Maps compare teacher turnover at CMS schools

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Increasing teacher turnover has been in the news for districts across North Carolina. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district is no exception – but what does teacher turnover look like when you get down to the individual school? Interactive maps and dashboards give you a new perspective. The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute has partnered with MeckEd through […]